Ensuring Your Pet's Safety with Cat Boarding in Vancouver

Cats don't often make good travelers, so when you're planning a vacation you'll need to figure out what to do with your furry friend while you're away. Cat boarding is becoming an increasingly popular option in Vancouver for people who are leaving town and don't want to leave their cat alone at home or have to ask someone else to care for them.

The Benefits of Cat Boarding

One of the biggest benefits of choosing cat boarding over leaving your cat at home is that it ensures their health and safety and prevents against escape. Cats are intelligent, tricky creatures. Left alone at home or dropped off with a friend, your cat may try to escape and could very well find a way to succeed.

A properly secured and attended boarding facility would be able to easily put a stop to escape attempts, and provide your pet with enough distractions and enrichment opportunities that they don't even entertain the idea. Rather than sitting at home all day, your cat will have access to new and interesting toys, as well as ample space to jump around to their heart's content. A boarding facility will also offer human companionship who will be available for good head scratches, and will be there to make sure your cat gets fed, receives their favourite treats, has access to clean water, is looked after should they fall sick or injure themselves, and has any of their medical needs looked after. If your cat takes medication, then you want to make sure that it will be administered properly and on time by a trained employee.

Picking the Right Vancouver Cat Boarding Facility

Before you choose to leave your cat somewhere for an extended period of time, you should take some time to check out the facility yourself. Make sure that the area your cat will be spending their time in is properly attended, clean, and safe to rest and play in.

At Birch Bark Kennels our staff is full of trained and experienced animal lovers who will make sure that your cat gets the care and attention they deserve. We even offer on-site grooming services, so feel free to ask us to groom your cat for a new look while they stay with us.

If you have a vacation coming up, then you can book your cat's stay with Birch Bark Kennels today.

Cat boarding and safety in Vancouver British Columbia

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