Considerations for Quality Kennels around Vancouver

Birch Bark Kennels wants to help you choose the best kennel for your pet. Depending on their stature, you'll want to consider the type and size of boarding kennel available. Make sure each pet is given his OWN kennel, unless you request to have your own pets kept together. Your pets shouldn't be kept in a common area with other people's pets due to the possibility of fighting and disease.

The ideal set-up for your pet includes a heated indoor sleep and eating area with an attached outdoor run. Totally outdoor runs can be considered if your pet is used to these conditions but they're not recommended for most household pets.

Kennel runs should be separated by solid construction (concrete block). This allows easy cleaning, greater safety and privacy from "nosy" neighbors, and also discourages fence fighting. Pets should get daily exercise and spend time with the kennel personnel.

Keeping the Kennel Clean

A boarding kennel operator faces the continual challenge of keeping his facility clean and disease-free. The boarding kennel you choose should insist upon proof of vaccination within the last 12 months. A lot of boarding kennels will not accommodate pups under the age of 4 months because of incomplete immunization before that age.

When you bring in your pet, or make a reservation, you should be asked if your pet has any special health concerns or particular diet requirements. If you're not asked, you should volunteer the information. The boarding kennel should be cleaned and disinfected daily and between occupants. It will be obvious to you when you view the facility if effort is being made to keep a clean kennel.

Special Care for Geriatric Pets

Birch Bark Kennels, Vancouver and the surrounding area's trusted kennel, offers specialized services for geriatric dogs, cats and exotics. We'll work with you to fully assess your pet's specific needs and organize their stay at our kennel with their comfort and health as our top priority.

Consider Character

When choosing kennels near Vancouver, it's important to ask yourself how you feel about the people you're entrusting with the comfort and safety of your pet while you're away. Does the staff show genuine pride and pleasure in their work? Do they seem to genuinely care for their boarders or is it strictly business? At Birch Bark Kennels, you can rest assured that our friendly team will offer personal attention to your pet while they're in our care.

Your Responsibilities

If you find a boarding kennel that meets with your approval, there are a few things you can do to help facilitate your pet's comfort and care. Be sure to:

Your final responsibility is to rest and relax during your travel, knowing that your beloved pet is in capable and caring hands. If you're searching for trustworthy kennels around Vancouver, contact Birch Bark Kennels today.