Pet Boarding for Vancouver & Surrounding Area

Kennels Offer Many Benefits

Throughout your pet's lifetime, you'll probably need to travel without him or her at some point. Many people often choose a friend or neighbor to pet sit, thinking that staying in a familiar setting will be best. On the surface, this sounds like the right thing to do, but consider the following:

It's easy to see the many benefits pet boarding in Vancouver and the surrounding area offers. Birch Bark Kennels has offered pet-focused boarding options for 40 years, always committed to caring for your pet as if they were ours.

A majestic canine, ready for dog boarding in Vancouver

Planning ahead

If this is the first time you will be leaving your pet at a boarding kennel, make sure you make arrangements well ahead of your departure. At peak seasons, most reputable facilities are reserved far in advance. When calling to inquire about the facility, as owner you should want to know the following:

Before making a reservation, it is best to visit the facility to see if it meets your needs. A reputable boarding kennel operator will show no hesitation in answering questions about his kennels and should be willing to allow you to view the facilities at any time during normal business hours.

Pet Boarding for Vancouver & Beyond

Our team understands that leaving your pet behind can be stressful, even sad. With decades of experience and countless happy pets and owners, Birch Bark Kennels makes pet boarding for Vancouver travellers as comfortable and reassuring as possible. Our staff gives each pet personal attention, helping them adjust to new surroundings while keeping them safe and happy.

For more information on bet boarding in Vancouver and the surrounding area, contact Birch Bark Kennels today.