Pet Grooming for Aldergrove & Surrounding Area

Would you like a happier and healthier pet that looks and smells great? Visit Birch Bark Kennels for pet grooming in Aldergrove and give your dogs and cats the gentle, personalized treatment they deserve. The end result is a clean, shiny coat with reduced shedding – something the entire family can appreciate!

Receive a discount on grooming when you take advantage of our boarding options.

Aldergrove Pet Grooming to Your Specific Requests

Our team takes the time to carefully groom your pet, following any special instructions or concerns you may have to the letter. Whether you're boarding your pet with us or just bringing him in for a visit, your pet will look and feel like a million bucks.

Benefits of Pet Grooming

After four decades serving the community, our team knows that regular pet grooming benefits your pet in a number of ways. Grooming your pet can:

Pet Grooming Prices

Consult the table below to learn more about our pet grooming prices. Pets that board with us are eligible for a $5 grooming discount!

Short clip$35-$50
Medium clip$50-$60
Large clip$60-$95
Bathing (includes nails and comb out)
Small dog$35-$50
Medium dog$50-$60
Large dog$60-$95
Flea bath+$5
Medicated bath+$5

Baths cost an additional $20 for dogs with matted hair.

Meet Tracy Strachan, our groomer

I have had a love of animals since I was very young. I have owned several pets over the years, dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, small animals and horses. I first started at grooming assisting groomers with bathing, drying then roughing dogs in for a groomer in Winnipeg in 2004. I then moved to British Columbia in January 2007 and under the supervision of a groomer in at a Pet Boarding and Grooming facility in Richmond continued to learn grooming techniques. Next stop was Birch Bark Kennels in late 2007 to groom alongside Shelley Jansen – having her teach me was amazing, I learned so much about grooming dogs and cats. I then took some time off, had a baby and decided to come back to Birch Bark and continue to work with Shelley until she retired. I was then working with Myken our previous groomer as well as taking care of the kennels. I have a great passion for animals and all aspects of their care. There's no better feeling than seeing dogs' happy smiling faces as they leave with their owners sparkling clean and smelling amazing! Come down, and say Hi and book your pet in for spa day.

Tracy, our expert pet groomer in Aldergrove

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